The Wamblee

wamblee Old Sioux name for an eagle.

The eagle flies at great altitude and thus has a good overview. Nevertheless, it also has a sharp vision allowing it to see every detail on the ground.

Wamblee.org is just like the eagle. It is about developing software based on a sound architecture, yet not losing sight of the details. In other words, we will not be cutting corners here to get something done quickly, but we will also not sacrifice usability or functionality just because the implementation would be easier.

Just like the eagle does not have that much brains, you shouldn't need that much brains to understand the software that we make here. We should keep it simple with all major design decisions documented.


There are several reasons why I started wamblee.org:

  • To develop software properly: With a relatively small amount of time to develop the software and a relatively large amount of time to think about it, the software can only become better.
  • To experiment: To get more hands-on experience with several architectures and technologies.
  • To share and get feedback: To share the software that I am making for myself anyway and to get feedback and participation(!) from others.
  • To encourage participation of others: I already had another domain based on my last name but clearly that does not encourage the participation of others. A more neutral name like 'wamblee' is much more appropriate for this.
  • To identify and develop reusable components for server-side development: There are many problems related to clustering, caching, notification, concurrency, and security that keep on recurring for which J2EE does not provide solutions.

Types of projects

The focus of development is on Java and Java/J2EE. The applications can be almost anything, ranging from applications usable by the general public, through tools to support software development, to basically anything else.